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The Name of the organization shall be New England Relocation Association.


The purposes for which this organization is formed are to educate, evaluate, and communicate information on practices and procedures in the relocation of employees who are transferred to different geographical locations so that the transfer may be accomplished with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to the employee, family and employer, and generally to carry out activities in support of such purposes as are consistent with the public interest.


Section I - Membership: It is the goal of NERA to maintain a corporate and service partner member ratio that encourages participation by both member classifications. Membership ratios are established with the goal of having 40% of membership from the Corporate sector and 60% from the Service Partner sector.  In an effort to achieve this membership ratio all new Service Partner member applicants will be required to bring a new Corporate member applicant to at least 1 (one) meeting to be eligible for membership. A new Corporate member is defined as “an individual from a Corporation that has not had any employees attend a NERA meeting in the prior two years”.  The Board will review ratios annually in order to establish membership recruiting and retention goals for the year.

Section II - Corporate membership limit: three free representatives per company. Beyond three free members, additional members shall be allowed to join at the cost of an Individual Member.  Any person actively involved for an employer in the relocation of its employees shall be eligible for Corporate membership. Corporate members shall be eligible to hold office and participate in the activities of the Association. Application for Corporate membership shall be submitted to the Membership Committee for evaluation.

Section III - Service Partner membership limit: three representatives per company.  Any person actively involved in the relocation industry as a supplier shall be eligible for Service Partner membership. Service Partner members shall be eligible to hold office and participate in the activities of the Association. Application for Service Partner membership shall be submitted to the Membership Committee for evaluation. Any Service Partner member who has been inactive (e.g. has not paid dues) for a period of one (1) membership year or longer will be treated as a new member in accordance with Article III, Section I.

Section IV – Individual membership limit: one per person.  Any person who formerly was active in the relocation industry and due to employment termination or retirement is no longer eligible for either a NERA Corporate or Service Partner membership and may be eligible for an Individual membership. Individual members shall be eligible to participate in the activities of the Association. Individual members may hold a board position, if they were serving on the board at the time of their change in employment.  In that case, member will remain in their original status (Corporate or Service Partner) for the balance of the membership year in which the change occurred.  Thereafter, if the member would like to remain with the Association, Individual Member rules and dues will apply.  Those board members may remain on the board for one membership year as an Individual Member.  Application for Individual membership shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for evaluation. An Individual membership is non-transferable.

Section V - Meeting Attendance

There is no limit on the number of attendees by a member company that can attend organization meetings. Attendees in addition to the paid members will pay for the meeting as non-members. 

Guests must be sponsored by a member, or can attend one meeting per fiscal year without sponsorship. A guest is defined as a person who does not currently hold a membership. This can be a colleague or a member, a perspective member, etc.

Section VI - Termination of Membership

The resignation of any member shall be in writing to the Membership Committee and become effective upon submission to the Board of Directors. Any dues paid to a date beyond such resignation period will not be refundable. Membership may be revoked by vote of the Board of Directors when a member becomes ninety (90) days delinquent in any financial obligation or is otherwise ineligible.

Section VII - Membership Transfers

Membership is transferable from one representative to another within a given company, providing the dues have been paid by the company. The company retains the actual membership not the representative.

When a representative transfers from one company to a new company and the new company is not a current Service Partner member the requirements of Article III Section I will apply. This will not apply to Board members. Board members will be allowed to complete their term.


Section I - Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Association shall begin July 1 and end June 30 of the following year.

Section II – Dues and Sponsorships

Annual membership dues of the Association shall be payable to the Treasurer, in advance, for each fiscal year as of September 1. The Board of Directors shall determine dues. Members cannot attend meetings if they have not paid their dues. Only guests can pay for a meeting. Dues and sponsorships shall not be refundable in whole or in part.

Section III - Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of the New England Relocation Association, the Board of Directors, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the association, shall dispose of all of the remaining assets of the association exclusively for the purposes of the association in such manner, or to such organization or organizations as shall at the time qualify as a tax-exempt organization or organizations recognized under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue statute as the Board shall determine.

Section IV - Audit

Should the Board of Directors deem it necessary, an audit of the Association's financial books will be conducted by a committee of three appointed members of the Association, none of whom shall be current members of the Board of Directors.

Section V - Expenses

Any expenses in addition to the normally expected expenses (meeting costs, catering, speaker room/board, etc.) must be approved in advance by the board.


Section I - The governing body of the Association shall be known as the Board of Directors, authorized to handle all policy matters of the Association. The Board of Directors shall consist of a maximum of thirteen members, one of whom shall be the President. There must be at least four Corporate members on the board. Only members in good standing may serve as Directors. Board members who are absent for one or more in-person board meeting and/or two or more board meeting conference calls in a fiscal year may be asked to step down from the board. Conference call options will be made whenever possible. The past President shall be the Chairman of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible for proper notification to members of any recommendations made or actions taken.

Section II – A quorum consists of a majority of the Board of Directors.

Section III - Officers of the Association shall be: Past President/Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section IV - The Officers shall serve for two year terms for each position they hold. Board members can serve on the board for two years and must then assume an officer position, if available, or step down from the board. When an Officer steps off the board, they may have the opportunity to serve on the Advisory Board.

Section V - Appendix A includes job descriptions for all elected officers.

Section VI - Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held prior to each meeting of the Association or at the call of the President, or a majority of the Board of Directors. Written notice of the Board meeting will be provided to the Board members at least five days prior to the meeting date.

Section VII - The Board of Directors shall conduct the business of the Association during intervals between its meetings, make arrangements for meetings of the Association, and review all applications for membership. 

Section VIII - Vacancy: In the event that a board position becomes vacant the board can fill the vacancy as required in Article V Section I. The process for filling a vacancy will be as follows: (1) the board will announce the vacancy and the need to fill the vacancy to the entire membership, (2) applications will be accepted and reviewed by the board, and (3) the board will vote and select new board members by simple majority.

Section IX - Board of Directors Advisory Board – If needed to further the interest of the New England Relocation Association and the business of the Board of Directors, prior NERA board officers  who are active NERA members will be able to apply to serve as an Advisory Board Member. Their role will be to act as a consultant to the board. The Advisory Board members who are absent for two or more board meetings and/or two or more board meeting conference calls in a fiscal year may be asked to step down from the board. Board of Directors will vote on the addition of any Advisory Board members.


Section I - All Committees deemed necessary shall be appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.


Section I - Election of Officers and Directors shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors.


Section I - Regular meetings of the Association shall be held three times annually.

Section II - Special meetings of the Association may be held at the President's call, at the call of a majority of the Board of Directors, or at the call of ten members, which shall state the purpose of the meeting provided, however, that written notice of the meeting is e-mailed at least ten days prior to the meeting date.


The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, revised, shall govern in all cases where they do not conflict with the Bylaws of this Association as interpreted by the Board of Directors.


New England Relocation Association 

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