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The New England Relocation Association (NERA) is the nation's first regional relocation organization. Our founders, including several members of the nationally-recognized Worldwide ERCĀ®, created the New England Relocation Association in 1976 to create a forum for the ongoing exchange of relocation ideas and information, among the region's relocation professionals.

Here's what our members have to say:

"Based on my experience with other regional organizations, NERA has a unique balance. There is a very professional approach to the educational content of each event, combined with an atmosphere that allows attendees to participate and enjoy themselves. Even more unique are the presentations relating to real life human issues, outside of the relocation industry."

- Ed Barwick, CRP                                                                                                                                                                                               Director of Business Development Budd Van Lines

"I've met many terrific people in the past few years, at these meetings. Various topics related to the relocation industry are discussed. I always learn something new about the industry and market trends. NERA is a great organization that I plan to continue to be a part of it, because of the value it provides."

- Reagan Riley                                                                                                                                                                                  Account Executive, Oakwood Corporate Housing

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