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In the rapidly changing relocation industry, your firm and the New England Relocation Association (NERA) share more mutual challenges and goals than ever before. We both want to attract and educate the region's corporate professionals on relocation's best practices and to engage them in our ongoing services. We are redefining our audiences more broadly, beyond just the full-time relocation experts and into the broader HR, Recruiting and Procurement disciplines, in the US and abroad. You and we recognize that we must diversify our offerings and measure success in new ways to adapt and provide sustained value.

In the spirit of new partnerships, it is a great time for your firm to consider becoming a NERA Sponsor. Our Sponsors will benefit from ongoing prominent exposure throughout NERA meetings and communications, including our outreach initiatives throughout corporate New England and beyond. As a NERA Sponsor, your company would be recognized by both our current and prospective corporate members. NERA corporate members already represent, collectively, thousands of relocations annually and an estimated spend in the millions of dollars. Imagine the value of positive Sponsorship publicity for your firm and yourself in this marketplace!

With your increased support, NERA is prepared to continually expand and enhance our relocation education programs. We will build on our 40-year tradition of exceptional speakers and great presentation topics by underwriting the expenses of importing more national industry leaders. We will support more frequent and varied meetings, experimenting with additional locales and formats. We will upgrade our technology tools, including audiovisual equipment and our website functionality and content.  Your aid will enable us to conserve members' dues and gifts toward supporting our chosen charities.

The NERA Board is committed to using your Sponsorship effectively and returning a growing value to you over time. New committees are revamping our program content with input from the membership, and are busily soliciting new corporate members. As you know, the purpose of our organization is truly educational.  We hope you will become a Sponsor and encourage industry colleagues and your clients to join our organization. Your support will go a long way, in growing our efforts, on behalf of the relocation industry.

Interested in becoming a NERA Sponsor?

Any member organization that is interested in becoming a sponsor for NERA, may do so by completing the "Sponsor Form," located under the "Members Only Section" of the website.  The payment process can occur online, via credit card.  An invoice will be generated and once paid a receipt will be provided for the organization’s records. 

The NERA Board reserves the right to disapprove or void any Sponsorship submissions.  Please submit your logo (in jpeg format, sized to 200px) and your company website URL to, admin@neraonline.com  Payment for Sponsorship must be received by NERA prior to the posting of the organization logo and URL on the NERA web site. 



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